Reflect on who you are.

Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina

Relax in your skin.

Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina

Realize you are royalty.

Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina
Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina

A decade before I started the Girlfriends Tea talk show, I hosted luncheons for a few lady friends.  I was amazed that they absolutely enjoyed attending the luncheons.  Previously, I rarely hosted personal events, including my own birthday parties, because I did not think many would attend.  To avoid disappointment, I shied away from throwing my own celebrations.  For those who know me, this probably comes as a surprise; however, it is the truth.  When it came to doing professional events for my employer, no problem.  If only a few showed up, I would not take it personally.

Fast forward to the first Girlfriends Tea in April 2020, held via Zoom.  I contacted these women (The Founders) to ask if they would support me.  They expressed their support and many of them showed up.  We enjoyed ourselves so much that I hosted another one, and then another one.  Since it was at the culmination of COVID-19, everyone was pretty much stuck in the house and longed for a mental escape from lockdown.  You see, these Founders are the same women that supported me for the luncheons.  They ended up being the confidence that I needed to start Girlfriends Tea.  Ladies, thank you.  Thanks for joining me for lunch over the years, and thanks for now joining me for a cup of tea.  Founders (top left to right): Kimberly, Chery W., Connie, Joyce, Angela, Keela, Cheryl R., Denise, Geral, Gina, Angela, Melody & Pam (not shown)

It is good to have the discipline of feeding our soul and mind with a good read or something inspirational to listen to.  

Glowing Moments is a devotional by Lady Janeen McBath. Day 7, Time to Move, will spur you to get moving.  Ask God to show you when it is time to move.

Girdle Girlfriends, Lessons Learned from a Girdle, by Dr. Towera Loper has been adopted by me as the official Girlfriends Tea book. Towera provides insight into “the sisterhood of girdles and girlfriends.”

The Test: "Each day when we awaken, we will be testedEven if it’s in the most minute form, we will be tested."  This spoken word album by me shares stories of challenge and the goal of passing the tests of life.

Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina

Rev. Myra Patterson opens in song as often as she can attend the Zoom Tearoom interviews. She is a blessing to our soul and we greatly appreciate her and her ministry.

Dr. Angela Reddix, Founder, CEO and President of ARDX, is an award-winning businesswoman who has grown her healthcare management and IT consulting firm into a multimillion-dollar operation in just over 14 years and is also the founder of three additional successful companies, one of which is Envision Lead Grow. Envision Lead Grow is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty. How? By sharing the power of entrepreneurship with girls and young women.

Meet the Founders of Girlfriends Tea. Their support for my luncheons gave me the push that I needed to start Girlfriends Tea. Thank You!

Girlfriends Tea Fashion Show at Dillard’s MacArthur - December 2020