Bringing Women Together Through Virtual Conversations

“Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina Mission: A platform dedicated to inspiring, educating and connecting the world within a friendly culture.”

Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina

What’s in It for You

Whether you want to join a community that talks about faith, health, or advocacy, Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina is the right place for you! Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussions with guest speakers about a wide array of topics and issues. Through humorous and heartwarming conversations, you can get involved and will feel right at home. Ladies, we invite you and your friends to join our Facebook Group:

Message From the Founder

Ben Franklin has been credited as saying, “Out of adversity comes opportunity.” COVID-19 created the opportunity for me to birth Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina in April 2020. I was only one year into retirement and wondered what I would do next. Since everyone was on lockdown, Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina, as the women resoundingly said, “Came right on time!” In reality, the stress weighed heavily from the reported deaths from around the world that quickly went from 100,000 in April to 1 million by September. We connected through praying for our family, friends and the world. We also bonded in joking about the dilemma of doing our own hair, being at home with the children all day and night, etc. Mental wellness was openly discussed without reservation.

Proverbs 18:24 says, One who has friends must show 'herself' to be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a 'sister.' During that extended period where our lifestyles were in a state of disruption, we experienced family that had nothing to do with blood but the DNA of compassion, camaraderie, and virtual community. It was a time where we connected with women from various walks of life. We talked; we also listened. We were keenly aware of the struggle against all of mankind and we wanted to help. The best help that we could offer to each other was a listening ear. We continue in our friendly connections today. We welcome all women into our private Facebook group. If you are a tad shy, perhaps our weekly Conversation Starter is the perfect icebreaker. You will undoubtedly meet new acquaintances and maybe even gain a new friend. We look forward to meeting you!

Founder and CEO of Girlfriends Tea

Sebrina Brown