Glynis Albright

Imagine being happily married to a multi-talented 8-time Grammy nominated musician, supporting his thriving career, mothering two beautiful young children, going to UCLA to become a surgeon, and then being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and it changes the course of your life.

Now—imagine making the decision to forego traditional medicine and heal yourself by way of nutrition and then creating a food line that not only helps you heal but becomes so popular that you are granted a featured segment on The Food Network!  Imagine people referring to you as, “The Waffle Queen” and the “Sweet Potato Pound Cake Lady”, and having your food offered to guests at fine restaurants, hotels, and cruise lines. With all of this, people are consistently asking you to share your gifts with them and teach them about how you became a success.  In response, you build an online community and host pop-up kitchens all around the world. These events are raved about and people are using your waffle mix and all-purpose coating mix to make their favorite meals. Your products take food and flavor to a whole new level. People are requesting you at events, contacting you to speak about your story, all because you had the mindset for greatness and set a blueprint for success and determination.

This is my client’s story.  Glynis Albright is a survivor! With clientele that spans from the likes of John Legend, Halle Berry, Bill Clinton, and so many other noteworthy people and happy families in between, Glynis’ Kitchen and her Just Sweet Enough, Albright Cuisine, and Cookie Dots products, are being served in households all over America and abroad. In addition to this, she is in the process of writing a book about her life and how the love of her family helped shape her love for cooking and creating delicious, wholesome products for the world to enjoy. 

Her story of grace and grit is sure to add to the value of any platform with whom she shares it with. Just a few months ago, Glynis’ cuisine was served on the famous Dave Koz and Friends Jazz Cruise to over 7,000 guests who were cruising to Australia. Glynis has been featured in numerous magazines in the Colorado area, including many nationally published magazines, like Sheen, in which she discussed her cuisine and the history of why her line is important to her and all who enjoy it. In March of 2020, she landed on the cover of Size Overrated magazine. We are loving all that she’s doing.

The full line of Glynis’ Kitchen products can be purchased at HomeGoods stores nationwide or by visiting


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