Debra Vines

Debra Vines knows too well and understands the importance of advocacy, community involvement, partnership and giving as her son, Jason, was diagnosed with Autism when he was 18 months old. In response to her own questions and need for support, she founded The Answer, Inc., in 2007, a not for profit organization that assists parents and caregivers in navigating through the systems of social services and academic institutions by providing: case management/referral services, recreation, and resources for families with individuals having Autism or other developmental disorders.

Under Ms. Vines leadership, The Answer Inc. has developed amazing evidence-based programs such as Spectrum University Tutoring Program and Music N Me, with great outcomes that have made significant changes in lives. She also knows just how important it is to sincerely give selflessly to promote and create change in the lives of persons with Autism and other disabilities. Her greatest accomplishment has been to watch the families that she has aided reach milestones that were once told would be unobtainable.


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