Take a Peek at Girlfriends Tea with Sebrina’s Video Gallery

Girlfriends Tea Overview

Toi Salter:

Toi dropped some nuggets of wisdom with us. “It is time to reset for our purpose".  Sharing a humorous ending after a very encouraging interview

Becky VanValin:

Licensed clinical social worker, Becky VanValin, discusses conflicts in marriage.

Lady Janeen McBath:

Discusses her celebrated annual GLOW Conference and advice for women coping with the pandemic crisis.

Glynis Albright:

Glynis Albright, also known as The Waffle Queen, discusses how she started an interest in baking at a young age. She also discusses being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia and how family and friends inspired her to fight for her life.

Lisa Kratz Thomas:

Lisa Kratz Thomas is a motivational speaker, author of three books and a former radio talk show host. She has been able to share her message of conquering adversity and unleashing potential as well as providing a fresh perspective to helping others transform their lives.

The Honorable Stephanie Morales:

Commonwealth's Attorney of Portsmouth VA, Stephanie Morales, discusses the injustice of incarcerating people for low level offenses. etc.

LT Arabia Shanklin:

LT Arabia Shanklin discusses how her family inspired her to pursue a career in the military, life in the Naval Academy, how she co-founded the Naval Academy Minority Association and the importance of Black Women being exposed to the military.

Dr. Towera Loper:

Dr. Loper discusses being a life coach and how it adds value. Additionally, she lends insight into her book, Girdle Girlfriends.

Dr. Dawn Bell:

Dr. Dawn Bell, DPM, discusses her first patient, diabetes, the danger in wearing high heels, giving nails a break from fingernail polish, and the proper care of the ankle and how to select shoes.

Breast Cancer:

Clayres Johnson, Keri-Ann Schultz and Tina Bracy discuss their journey with breast cancer.

Domestic Violence:

Domestic Violence Victims, Natalie Purdie, Colette Mobley and Delores Pruitt, tell their story.

Dennis Guerrero:

Dennis discusses the negative effects of relaxed hair.

Supporting Sponsors:

Sponsors share a success story or tip.